Jobs available at local industries offer great salaries and benefits, giving employees the ability to have a good quality of life and raise their families here in Southwest Louisiana. Local industries are the area’s third largest employment sector, which translates into a big impact on our economy.

Job Opportunities

Most industries post job openings on their websites. Through the links below, you can navigate to the page within each website to view available jobs. Check back often as job opportunities are constantly updated.

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Education and Training

Some form of advanced training beyond a high school diploma is usually needed for most industrial jobs. This could be a completion of a skills course, two-year associate’s degree, or a four-year college degree. Each job requirement is different and more information is available on the company website.

This link to Industry Works provides additional information about locations for local training as well as testimonials from residents who completed training and are now in a successful industrial career.

Click here to visit the Industry Works page on the Alliance SWLA website.

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Application Process

The Louisiana Workforce Commission is the resource for many jobs, including industrial jobs, within Southwest Louisiana. A general application may be completed online at or in person at the Calcasieu Business & Career Solutions Center, located at 2424 3rd Street in Lake Charles.

When a job opening exists within industry, LAWORKS personnel screen the applications for referral. Therefore, it is imperative to complete the application thoroughly.

If an industrial site selects an application, the Human Resources contact within each plant may need further testing or have additional application requirements.

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Tips for Success

We want you to succeed in your career with local industry. Below are ideas for you to consider as you pursue a new job:

When applying for a job, your application could be pulled for consideration. If you’re contacted by the company to provide references, choose individuals who are familiar with your work history, educational background, communication skills and work ethic. Consider people you know in civic groups, churches, and schools. Avoid using family members as a reference.

If you’re asked to an interview, you will be asked many questions in an effort for the company’s representative to get to know you. Some questions might be about:

  • Your educational background
  • Why you chose your field of interest
  • Your employment history

This is your opportunity to explain any unusual gaps or occurrences within your employment history or to mention leadership roles you earned above your regular duties. Anything that can shed a positive light on your career is helpful.

The interview is also your opportunity to ask more about the company. Visit the company website ahead of time to learn the products they make, the size of the facility, and any community volunteer events they’re involved in. This will help you exhibit your interest in the company.

Your appearance is important anytime you are meeting a potential employer, whether it’s to pick up additional paperwork or for a pre-arranged interview. You should be clean, neat, and appropriately dressed.

Local industries are seeking competent, safety-minded, and skilled workers. By getting the training required and presenting yourself well, you could be the one they choose.

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