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Lake Area Industry Alliance was formed in 2000 to provide one voice for industries in Southwest Louisiana. LAIA is a channel of communication between industries and the community, civic leaders, elected officials, educators and non-profit organizations.

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Our Purpose

  • Educate national, state and local civic leaders on issues affecting business, industry and trade.
  • Communicate with the public on the advantages and benefits that industry brings to Southwest Louisiana.
  • Encourage local industries to be good stewards of the environment and participate in civic activities.
  • Provide information to the community regarding industrial operations that could affect residents.
  • Work with local education leaders to enhance the education systems to meet the present and future needs of the industrial community.
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In the early 1980s, local plant managers began meeting informally to exchange ideas on how they could better serve the local community. Over time, it became apparent that this loosely organized group could streamline efforts in a positive way and continued growth could happen with a more formal structure.

In 2000, the Lake Area Industry Alliance was officially formed as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.

Today, the member companies of LAIA actively participate in community groups such as Community Advisory Panels, Partners in Education, Chem Expo and many other community events.

Plant managers continue to meet with LAIA to discuss information relevant to industries as well as participate in studies and communication strategies benefitting local industries.

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Executive Board

Jim Rock

Executive Director

Greg Gray


Greg Defrates

Vice Chair,
Firestone Polymers

Steven Parker

Lotte Chemical