Career Descriptions

While each industry has its own specialization and production processes, the general need of skilled workers is shared among all LAIA member companies. Below is a list of the job categories often found at area industries:


Operations personnel are responsible for controlling the plant processes by making necessary adjustments to valves and pumps or through computer controlled devices. Operations personnel routinely take readings, samples and inspect the operating unit.


These individuals are responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of equipment located throughout the plant. These positions consist of crafts such as electricians, pipe-fitters, insulators, welders, carpenters, instrument technicians, painters and machinists.


A wide variety of duties are found within the clerical department, including computer operations, bookkeeping, filing, typing, preparing reports and assisting customers. Positions include clerks, executive secretaries, warehouse workers and administrative assistants.


Technicians are responsible for assuring the quality of goods and services produced or other technical functions. Workers in this category are employed as lab testers, inspectors, drafters and related jobs.


Professional personnel are responsible for making decisions and recommendations that affect the direction of the company. Employees within this division are often found in accounting, management, engineering, safety, communications, and environmental and business operations.


A supervisor is responsible for and directs the work efforts of employees according to policies and procedures. Specific cost and time limits must be met in completing work and such work is inspected for accuracy and completeness.



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