Community Advisory Panel

Industries located in Southwest Louisiana are firmly committed to improving the area with jobs, benefits and being environmentally responsible. Being a good industrial neighbor means listening to concerns and ideas from those in the area. The Lake Area Industry Alliance and several local industries have formed Community Advisory Panels, or CAPs, in an effort to share information.

Industry representatives along with 12 to 15 community members meet regularly. The community members represent a wide cross-section of residents including business owners, educators, close neighbors to the industrial site, members of the clergy, senior citizens and volunteers. CAP members choose the topics of discussion based on interests voiced by the group.

Topics usually discussed include community involvement, facility operations, emergency preparedness and any other issues agreed upon by CAP members. The panels serve as an advisory group to the industry, collecting the opinions and concerns from their centers of influence and relaying them back to other CAP members and industry representatives. The CAPs do not operate as a decision making body but they provide valuable feedback and many of the discussions help local industry officials.

CAP members are an integral part of local industries' efforts to maintain good communication with area residents and businesses.

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