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Lake Area Industry Alliance


For more than 10 years, local industry has met or exceeded the strenuous ozone standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Industry is heavily regulated but they arenít the only contributors to ground-level ozone formation. Local residents and businesses play a role, too.

Ground-level ozone affects air quality, and while industries are in compliance, the rest of the community may not be, which affects us all. Compounds from cars, lawnmowers, industry and fuels combine and bake in the summer heat, creating ground-level ozone. We all contribute.

Here are a few tips to remember during the summertime:

  • Refuel your vehicle during the evening, avoid the hottest part of the day.

  • Do not spill gasoline while refueling.

  • Keep tires properly inflated.

  • Seal containers of household and garden chemicals.

Ozone monitors in Southwest Louisiana have recorded some of the lowest levels in the state. Together, we can keep it that way.

Learn more about air quality in Southwest Louisiana by watching this 90-second video or click here to view the print ad.