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Lake Area Industry Alliance

Tips for Success

If your application completed through LAWORKS is pulled for consideration, it is possible that you will be asked to visit the industrial site for further testing or for an interview.

You may be asked to provide references. Choose individuals who are familiar with your work history, educational background, communication skills and work ethic. It is best if these individuals have known you for several years to vouch for your dependability and character. Consider people you know in civic groups, clubs, churches, and schools. Avoid using family members as references.

If you are asked to an interview, you will be asked many questions in an effort for the company's representative to get to know you. They'll likely ask about your educational background and why you chose your field of interest, they may ask about your employment history, what you did at various jobs and why you're not working with that company any longer.

These questions help them understand your background and they also give them the opportunity to see how well you communicate. While you won't know specific questions, review your history ahead of time so you aren't caught off-guard. This is your opportunity to explain any unusual occurrences within your employment history or to mention leadership roles you earned above your regular duties. Anything that can differentiate you from others is helpful.

Research the company with which you are interviewing. Go to their website and their social media pages. Learn their history, what products they make, the size of the facility. Many industrial sites adopt community projects; find out what they're involved in. By mentioning this during the interview, you will exhibit your interest in the company.

Your appearance is important anytime you are meeting a potential employer, whether it is to pick up additional paperwork or if you have an interview. You should be clean, neat and appropriately dressed.

While there are many resources with additional tips for success, most employers are looking for individuals who:

  • meet the job requirements for skill and education
  • are interested and excited about the job
  • demonstrate the ability to learn new skills
  • are capable of using the equipment necessary for the job