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Lake Area Industry Alliance


In the early 1980s, a grassroots effort was formed when area managers of industries in Southwest Louisiana began meeting on a regular basis to exchange ideas on how they could better serve the local community. These informal meetings were the beginning of the alliance that was formed years later.

As time progressed, committees were formed comprised of volunteers from the industries and funded by the participating companies to spearhead projects that involved the community, such as Community Awareness Emergency Response, or CAER, and Earth Day activities.

Over time, it became apparent that this loosely organized alliance was able to streamline efforts in a positive way and continued growth could be achieved with a more formal structure. In 2000, the Lake Area Industry Alliance was officially formed as a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit corporation.

Today, there are 24 member industries actively participating in community groups, such as Community Advisory Panels, Partners in Education, Chem Expo and many other community educational opportunities.

Plant managers continue to meet regularly with LAIA to discuss information relevant to industries as a whole as well as participate in studies and communication strategies that would be difficult for an individual company to manage. LAIA serves as a channel of communication to allow for the cohesive involvement of industries throughout Southwest Louisiana. It is a source for providing general industrial information to the community, public officials, schools and non-profit organizations.