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Lake Area Industry Alliance

Industry Insider

Many of the processes within an industrial facility are a mystery to the surrounding community. Residents see what looks like smoke coming from large towers and they may feel concern, or they see flares during the night and wonder if something is burning.

In reality, the smoke-like appearance is harmless water vapor and the flaring is an environmentally friendly way to eliminate excess pressure. The bottom line is that industries are most profitable when product is kept safely in the pipeline, thus, the goal of regulatory agencies and the industries themselves is the same: produce a product in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Lake Area Industry Alliance created the Industry Insider campaign to explain industrial processes to the community. By utilizing industrial employees, environmental representatives and educators, the videos are a practical way for industry to explain complex processes to the general public and provide accurate information of the industry’s approach toward environmental topics.

You’re welcome to submit a question regarding industrial processes to Lake Area Industry Alliance. It could be a topic for a future Industry Insider.