Industries' Role in Environmentalism
4/17/2013 3:18:45 PM

"When an industry wants to implement a capital project, that industry calculates the potential environmental impact of the project and installs the necessary technology to minimize the impact and insure that all environmental standards and regulations are met,” explained Larry DeRoussel, executive director of LAIA.

The health, safety and environmental aspect in industry play a significant role in the day-to-day operations. "Each facility has instrumentation that continuously monitors for leaks, equipment failures and other potential environmental issues. All employees in industry are highly and continuously trained to carry out their job functions and industry officials are committed to operating their facilities in an environmentally responsible manner. It’s important to remember that they and their employees are members of the community in which their facilities operate.”

Industry ultimately reduces, reuses, recycles or treats approximately 97 percent of any waste as they produce products that contribute to improve the day-to-day lives of people throughout the world.

Being environmentally responsible is everyone’s responsibility whether at home, on the road or at work; local industry understands that and takes this responsibility very seriously.

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