Industries' Role in Everyday Products
4/17/2013 3:07:08 PM

You might be surprised to learn that products made by local industries are used in everything from toilet bowl cleaners to toothpaste.

"Every industrial facility in this area makes ingredients that go into consumer products,” said Nancy Tower, communications specialist at one of the area industries. "Some products are more well-known than others, but they’re all manufactured to make our lives cleaner, safer, healthier and better.”

For example, products from industry are used throughout the healthcare field. Vinyl is produced locally, and used extensively in the health care field including tubing for IV’s and syringes, bags for blood donations and even heart catheters. Synthetic alcohol, made locally, is found in hand sanitizers and liquid soaps. Even contact lens cleaners, eye drops and other pharmaceuticals contain products produced locally.

"Several local industries have education programs for students, and the kids are always interested to know that our products are found in a lot of familiar places, including in their refrigerators,” said Tower. "They get a kick out of learning that we make ingredients that go into food wraps and bowls to store leftovers. Such everyday items aren’t usually associated with these big industrial facilities.” Polystyrene and polyethylene, produced by area industries, are very useful in the kitchen when they’re turned into bags, bowls, cups and wraps. Many of the products produced by area industry, which may come in contact with food, are certified as Kosher to ensure that they meet the requirements of Jewish dietary laws.

"It’s not something people think much about, but throughout a day, there are dozens of products we use that our local industries had a part in making. Deodorants, DVDs, athletic shoes, medications, lip balm and household detergents all contain primary ingredients manufactured by local industries. These products are sold all around the world, and much of it starts right here in Southwest Louisiana,” said Tower.

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