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Lake Area Industry Alliance

Lake Area Industry Alliance is comprised of over 20 local industries. Formed in 2000, LAIA is a channel of communication between industries and the community, as well as leaders, politicians, educators and non-profit organizations.
Our Purpose:
  • Educate national, state and local civic and other leaders on issues affecting and impacting upon business, industry and trade.
  • Keep the public informed on the advantages and benefits that business and industry bring to Southwest Louisiana.
  • Encourage present and new industry to be good stewards of the environment.
  • Keep the community informed of industrial operations and plans that may affect community welfare.
  • Work with local education leaders to enhance the education systems to meet the present and future needs of the business community.
  • Lend support and cooperation to public or private agencies whose purpose is to promote the general betterment of the area.
  • Encourage industry and its employees to participate in civic activities, to share in community responsibilities, and to be good neighbors in all respects.
  • Maintain and support continuing public relations and other programs in support of the above efforts through the corporation and through various news media.